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Our business was founded on the principles of quality, compassion, professionalism, and promoting health and wellness. 

We provide outstanding nursing and first aid services to every patient. Our services include assessments and treatments for injuries, allergic reactions, wound care, (including external sutures), illnesses, and medical conditions. We carry defibrillators, oxygen, and a large stock of medications. This includes emergency medications such as narcan, epinephrine, various analgesics, various antihistamines, anti inflammatories, anti emetics, antacids, anti diarrhea medications, rehydration medications, topical dental analgesics, various eye and ear medications, cough remedies, lozenges, low blood sugar remedies, topical skin antibiotics, topical sound healing formulas and more.



Our nurses are trained in delivering health, wellness, and safety services to workers. Our focus is promotion, maintenance, and restoration of health. We are also able to offer training for clients for a number of health related topics.



Our services are provided directly by qualified nurses that are registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario that practice within their scope to provide exceptional care to patients.

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Frequently utilized by many patients, this service has been essential to our success on many occasions. Our nurses are able to use their skill and knowledge to educate patients regarding their first aid concerns, including illness management, and wound care, as well as referring patients to appropriate health care professionals and community resources.

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